About Frequency

Frequency Design Studio was founded in Cork in 2005 by Liam Fitzgerald, a designer with over 23 years professional experience at the top level in Irish design, web and advertising companies.

Frequency was established to offer clients complete creative solutions in graphic design for print and web design and development. A powerful combination of creative design, technical expertise and business knowledge has meant that we consistently deliver excellent results for our clients.

Our diverse client base in Ireland, the UK, US, Europe and the Middle East includes best-selling authors, religious communities, international record labels, and small and medium businesses in the catering, theatre, finance and sports sectors.

We are committed to keeping pace with ever changing web technology which has enabled us to develop advanced web solutions for our clients. Our websites feature large community management, ecommerce, social media integration and geo-location tools among their many advanced features supported by best practice search engine optimisation, professional grade managed hosting and traffic analysis.

We build secure highly-optimised websites using Expression Engine, a professional content management system delivering rock-solid performance and flexibility.

Frequency is a member of the Expression Engine Professional Network.

Our mission is to make web technology easy to use allowing our clients to prosper and grow their businesses online.

About Frequency

Liam Fitzgerald


Liam began his design career in his early teenage years by drawing his favourite band logos in ballpoint pen onto clothing occasionally with the owners’s permission. He was astute enough to know that this particular market was limited in scope so he opted to have formal design training at the Limerick School of Art and Design. Four years later armed with a diploma and an honours degree he headed out into the big bad world seeking fame and fortune and ended up working in a windowless warehouse on an industrial estate. This was not part of the plan. Despite or perhaps because of the lack of natural light he spent 3 years there learning the design trade. From print to typeface design, exhibitions, multimedia and most importantly the nascent technology that was the early internet.

The next seven years were spent in Dublin working for design and advertising companies across print and digital media. Frequency was founded in 2005 and now helps clients across the globe to communicate effectively through design.

His favourite authors (not including Frequency clients, because they are the bestest writers ever) include Cormac McCarthy, Kurt Vonnegut and Dr Seuss.

About Frequency

Marian Browne

Admin / Accounts

Marian’s career trajectory has taken her though the travel industry to being a key part of a startup airline, from motherhood to being admin and finance at Frequency. Her interests include swimming, cycling and the Police Academy movies or in fact any movie featuring the talents of the world’s most important man, Steve Guttenberg.

Frequency is a design studio specialising in custom website design and development for authors, businesses and individuals. We are based in Cork, Ireland. Find out what we can do for you, drop us line at [email protected]

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