New Author Website for Five Minute Mum

New Author Website for Five Minute Mum

Five Minute Mum aka Daisy Upton is a British mum, author and children’s educator who creates quick and fun games for children with a focus on skills and development. Daisy’s first book: Five Minute Mum: Give Me Five was an instant hit and proved even more popular during lockdown. With another 2 books due fr publication over the next few months it was imperative that Daisy had a new site that could cope with the new demand.

Having suffered the horrors of a Wordpress blog for some years, Daisy in conjunction with her literary agency decided to create a site that was much more attractive and user-friendly to busy parents everywhere. The site was built using the advanced and flexible ExpressionEngine CMS. A thorough analysis was done of how best to structure the information architecture with feedback from parents taken into account. The result is a site that is focussed on clarity and legibility and uses strict categories for age based and skill based activities.

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