Welcome to the new Frequency site

Welcome to the new Frequency site

The original Frequency website was launched back in 2005 (in a galaxy far far away), which doesn’t seem like that long ago until you start examining the facts:

  • It was a full 2 years before the introduction of the iPhone.
  • It was a time when Flash was still extremely popular
  • It was a full year before Facebook opened it’s doors to the public
  • Twitter???? What now?
  • Long time clients, authors Darren Shan and Anthony Horowitz had sold less than 20 million book collectively!!!

So much has changed, by the end of this year there will be more mobile devices than people on this planet, Facebook has over a billion users and our authors (now including Eoin Colfer, Charlie Higson and David Gilman) have sold in excess of 75 million books between them.

So it was high-time we had a new website and with it a new logo. And here it is, all mobile friendly, responsive and ready for action. Hope you like it.

Frequency is a design studio specialising in custom website design and development for authors, businesses and individuals. We are based in Cork, Ireland. Find out what we can do for you, drop us line at [email protected]

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