Web Hosting

Web Hosting

We use advanced professional-grade hosting at data centres in the US and Europe. The services utilise high quality Tier 1 bandwidth suppliers providing unparalleled speed, security and reliability. The hosting service is pro-actively monitored 24/7 at the source datacenters and additionally by Frequency thus ensuring that hosted sites have a double layer of monitoring and protection.

In addition to the enterprise level hosting Frequency also uses a Content Delivery Network from the market-leading Stackpath group.

Using a network of edge locations around the world, Stackpath CDN caches copies of static site content close to end users, lowering latency when they download images, files and scripts.

Advanced routing software determines the physical location of the website visitor and then selects the closest server from which to deliver the content. This automated process occurs in milliseconds.

More importantly for our clients we manage all the technical aspects of site hosting including setup and maintenance.

Frequency is a design studio specialising in custom website design and development for authors, businesses and individuals. We are based in Cork, Ireland. Find out what we can do for you, drop us line at [email protected]

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