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Paul Dugdale Director Website Paul Dugdale Director Website - Rolling Stones Live Hyde Park Paul Dugdale Director Website - Adele Live Royal Albert Hall

Paul Dugdale is the director of stunning live videos for artists such as Adele, Ed Sheeran, Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, The Killers, One Direction, The Prodigy amongst many others. He has been nominated twice for a Grammy Award.

The Dugdale TV site was built using Expression Engine and is designed to showcase the director’s work with minimal distractions. Videos are presented full screen in all their glory with navigation options reduced to a simple X button in the top right corner that pauses the film and returns the visitor to the film selection area.

While the nature of the content is media-heavy and bandwidth-intensive every effort has been made to reduce loading times and make the site as slick as possible. Video is streamed directly in mp4 format from Vimeo.

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