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The William Hawk series is the brainchild of an accomplished inventor, machinist and CEO writing under the pen name William Hawk. A life-changing accident and spiritual awakening sparked the author’s inspiration for this story of humanity, hope, selflessness and redemption

Ignition, the first of a trilogy of books, follows William and Grace, on the run from the cops, as they develop their connection with each other and their skills as Change Agents, unravelling clues about the secrets of the universe and confronting evil head-to-head to discover the source of true power: loving selflessly.

In an unusual twist, Ignition also comes complete with its own EP soundtrack, composed and performed by Brad Dring, frontman of the award-winning hip-hop group Rapture Ruckus. The 5-song EP—the result of a fortuitous artistic relationship that blossomed between Dring and Ignition’s anonymous author during the author’s extended hospitalisation for injuries sustained in a fire—will release at the end of 2017.

Kirkus Reviews touts Ignition as “an entertaining read.” Yet beyond sheer entertainment, the novel raises complex questions about our responsibility to take care of our world and our fellow man.

The William Hawk author website was developed using Expression Engine CMS and showcases the stunning book trailer on the homepage. The website design mirrors the Ignition book cover design and uses dark sci-fi landscapes combined with clean modern typography to deliver it’s message.

Ignition is available on Amazon from December 5th, 2017

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